How To: Persian Style Bedroom Decor

So there I am scrolling through my tumblr feed in the late hours of the night when I came across this beautiful yet subtle Parisian styled apartment and I couldn't keep my eyes of it!

The Paris home of Patrick Patrick Gilles & Dorothée Boissier - as seen on 

The Modern Road

 One thing that I love about Parisian interior is that its a mix of the old and new. Traditional design brought to life with a twist of modernism, which I think can tend to be very chic and stylish. The high ceilings, large open spaces and classic mouldings scream art to me and the colour palette choice emphasises the clean minimalistic design but also helps create a warmer and cosier feel to the space.

I literally am a sucker for anything 'shabby chic' and so I was inspired to pull together a mood board and recreate a Parisian style bedroom. Here is some of my tips to adding that certain je ne sais qoui to your space. 

Parisian Style Bedroom

1 - Colour scheme:

The easiest and quickest way to transform a room without any need to break the bank is by slapping on a new colour to your walls. Paint instantly changes the mood and atmosphere of the room, establishes harmony within a decor and emphasises an interior with personal style. If your having difficulties choosing your over all colour scheme, a monochromatic scheme would be your easiest option as it allows an easy to update background for furniture, fabrics, paintings and objects.

2 - Furniture:

Adding accessories to your room will also help change its style and again you wouldn't need to break the bank in doing so. Look to mix and match with certain textures, furniture and accents. This can help create the ultimate cosy yet elegant decor. Perhaps adding a soft wool rug to make the room feel cosier and inviting. Also using soft fabrics make the entire room more hospitable. So try play around with different fabrics for your cushions, bedding and seating area.

3 - Chandelier:

Hanging a chandelier is the easiest way to introduce a bit of Parisian in to your room (as cliche as that sounds) It reminds me of the Palace of Versailles. A bold statement of elegance.

Below I have provided you with cheap alternatives to help you create your own Parisian styled room.


Wool Rug


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Do you love the Parisian decor as much as I do? Let me know.