So over a while now I have been obsessing over anything marble. There's just something about the texture that just screams luxury to me. This beautiful stone is now back in trend and I can't help but jump on the band wagon. I've seen the marble texture being used on literally everything, from table tops to laptop covers and it's got me wanting to 'pimp' my stationary!  I have this thing for notebooks; I guess you could call it an obsession ahaha. I've tried looking for marble notebooks but with my luck the only stores that sell them are in America. As it would cost me rather a lot to pay for shipping (as I am based in the UK) I decided on doing a little DIY myself using marble sticky back plastic!

All you need is the surface you wish to use, in my case my notebook, a craft knife (scissors will do just as fine) a pen or pencil and your vinyl. I got mine from 


for £6.95, which if you ask me is rather good for 2m of this badboy. And the rest is pretty easy and simple.

Start of by rolling out your vinyl and measuring out the area that you wish to cut to fit over your desired surface. Once you've done that start by peeling of a small section of the sticky back and placing it on your surface. Pressing down firmly to assure the vinyl is sticking properly, smooth it out and slowly start peeling of the back, still smoothing out the vinyl as you do so. If you're having troubles with bubbles use a ruler and gently 'scrape' over the plastic to remove any bubbles that emerge. If the bubbles are still there, I found that using a sharp pin and popping out the air from the bubble works well. Once you've done that, if you have any extra vinyl just use your craft knife to remove the excess.

And there you have it, your very own stylish marble surface! After seeing how easy this was, I am so tempted to vinyl everything else of mine in this beautiful veined texture! hmmmm maybe a black marble laptop cover to contrast with my notebook? Who knows ahaha.