I would like to first start off by saying, Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim readers. Alhamdulillah for we have lived to see another blessed month to reap its benefits. I wish you all a month full of blessings, His favor upon us and His love. May this Ramadan be a time for us to reflect on ourselves and allow us to cleanse our heart and body. May Allah accept our fasts and prayers and forgive us for our shortcomings. I pray that this Ramadan will not only be a month to nourish our hearts, but also a month that is filled with mercy, peace and unity for all of our brothers and sisters in war-torn countries. I pray that this is the last Ramadan that they will have to witness bloodshed and live in savage environments. May our prayers be accepted during this holy month and may He bestow His grace and mercy on us all and brighten up our paths Inshallah.

Engage with other Muslims

Ramadan is here and what a great way to welcome this blessed month with a few of my tips and advice. Living in a non-islamic country can sometimes be tough on us all. The hours we are having to fast, the atmosphere. The list is never ending. However the beautiful thing about it all, is that you are not alone. With the internet being a popular way that we all connect with each other, there are many sites available to help you beat those Ramadan blues. If you already haven't done so, make yourself a Tumblr account! The muslim community on there is amazing! I always find myself strolling through my feed, reading prayers,  Hadiths, listening to Quranic recitations and the atmosphere on there is great! Especially during Ramadan. It's so cute to see brothers and sisters giving out advice and encouraging each other to make the most out of this blessed month. If you already haven't done so, follow me on my account -


Do something different

Another tip is to always try to keep busy. Set yourself tasks that you didn't get to complete last Ramadan or new ones you wish to complete this time round. Learn a new prayer or perhaps a new Surah from the Quran. Help out around the house. Allow yourself to get closer to your family. Stay off the internet for a while and give yourself a chance to socialise and bond with your loved ones. How about trying to finish the Quran. Find yourself time to bookmark 20 page intervals in your Quran to make it easier to complete it. Read 20 pages a day, 4 pages after/ or before each prayer. Perhaps you might want to sign up to a charity.

Islamic Relief

is a great one. It allows you to choose where you want your money to go and how much you want to give. Give yourself the opportunity to better yourself however small the action might be and most importantly, love what you do.

Think smart when eating 

There is a saying my father always used to say to us and it was, "don't eat with your eyes but eat with your stomach" and boi was he right. When time to break fast comes my top tip is to break your fast first whether it be with dates, milk, water. Whatever you are comfortable with and then go and pray. This way you wont feel to lazy to get up to pray after eating. Also eating smaller portions during Iftar helps with digestion and allows room for you to it eat during Suhoor without feeling discomfort. Try to drink as much water during your non-fasting hours so preferably about a glass every hour or so. I've also put together a list of foods that are great to eat at Suhoor that retain water and suppress your thirst to help while fasting. They are:

- Bananas                              - Pistachios

- Milk                                    - Pumpkin

- Dates                                   - Peas

- Avocados

- Dried peaches

- Dark chocolate

Any foods that are high in potassium will help towards retaining water and suppressing your thirst. Avoid any fast foods in general for Suhoor and aim to eat things that release energy slowly. Best choices for Suhoor would be:

- Rice                                      - Peanut butter

- Potato                                   - Chia seeds

- Dates

- Whole grain bread

- Bananas  

What tips and advice do you give yourself during this blessed month?

Stay Gold