Nearing to two weeks ago me and the girls jetted of to Amsterdam. I have never visited The Netherlands and actually never thought I would ever visit. Needless to say when you hear Amsterdam being mentioned, it is always linked with its seedy reputation but in actual fact the city is beyond beautiful and its landscape and architecture as a whole is effortlessly serene.

As for food we mainly ate out most of the time. We found a cute little Italian restaurant not far from the hotel called Pasta Pasta. It's like the Amsterdam version of Vapiano's. There was a supermarket the street next to our hotel so we got a few snacks and treats from there to satisfy our late night cravings. If you ever do go to Amsterdam don't forget to stop by the Nutella Ice Bakery! Chocolate heaven for all you Nutella lovers out there! From churros, pancakes to waffles this cute little shop uses Nutella for everything! *love struck eyes*

We arrived early in the morning and checked ourselves into Hampshire Hotel - Beethoven. Luckily enough with the help of a dear friend of mine the location of the hotel was practically not far from any of the cities touristic attractions. I loved our area and its dainty shops. One thing that my friend and me noticed about Amsterdam is that they sure do love their food! Patisserie shops, cafes, restaurants. You name it. There is food everywhere!

Transport in Amsterdam is actually very cheap and really easy. We got a 3-day travel card at the airport that allows you to use the train, tram and ferry. Everything is literally within walking distance and its really easy not to get lost in Amsterdam seeing as how small it is. Do mind the bikes though! We couldn't believe how many of them there were! Here’s a little fact for you that a friend of mine living here told me. Cyclists always have way before pedestrians! (I know I couldn't believe it myself) 

All in all there was not a spot in Amsterdam we did not visit. I really would recommend going on a cruise! Tickets are only €16 for an hour and it takes you through the canals and you really get to see Amsterdam in all its beauty. While we were visiting we was lucky enough to arrive during the light festival. Light features have been plotted around the canals of Amsterdam, leaving you to discover something new as you walk around the city. Also can I just say how photogenic this city is! I took so many photos and videos as there are just beautiful sights everywhere! The people there are also really friendly especially the locals! 

Yet another city that has left a place in my heart and I hope to be revisiting very soon!

Amsterdam you are truly surreal