Interiors to inspire | Black walls in the bedroom

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog. With good reasons of course. Im working on a few projects that I hope to be sharing very soon! 

Pinterest over the years has probably become a very good friend of mine. I love scrolling through it whilst drinking my morning pick me up. Whilst doing so I came across this gorgeous black bedroom in an apartment in Norway.  There is something undeniably glamorous and louche about a moody dark room. It goes without saying that it takes a lot of courage to go darker and most people get frightened of the idea of having a black interior but this bedroom gives off a soporific effect, oozes calmness, soothes and encourages relaxation, which are the perfect elements to any bedroom.

I love how the linen sheets are in a soft muted neutral colour to create a stunning contrast against the dark walls. Another favourite of mine is the gold accents on either side of the bed. By restricting the colour palette, you give yourself more elements to work with that can exist in the space happily together. Unfortunately I couldn't find who designed this beautiful bedroom but the designer of this room did not shy away from the decorative, adding a gold ornate framed mirror, antique floor lamp, a touch of greenery to add texture and black and white photographic art to add further contrast.

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Entrance Makleri

This interior is restful, and practical. It has an enduring charm mixed with some classic and modern touches. I find this bedroom inviting to the eye and I quite like the dynamic contrast between the backdrop and the brighter furnishings chosen.

Would you ever go darker? I know I would. 

Hope you have a great weekend