Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

Oh hi! How is everybody doing? Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and the weather has been treating you well just has it has over here in London. Spring is finally here and of course it was only right to give away a FREE desktop wallpaper illustrated by yours truly! This actual illustration was inspired by a walk I took down Notting Hill Gate. A blossom tree decided to snow on me one windy day and I found myself stopping to admire the delicate petals fall to the ground. I adore spring, not as much as I love autumn and winter, but spring to me is all about new beginnings & fresh starts. 

I know I kinda have been missing out posting on Instagram but I am still trying to adjust to the life of a freelancer. I'm currently working on a new series which I hope to have up on the blog very soon, so keep an eye out for that! Of course I am back to working late nights, but I must admit creating something new is always fun fun fun! Now from flowers, and spring, I'm off to get myself another shot of espresso to get myself through this all nighter before I fall on my face haha. Hope you have a great new week friends! 





Download wallpaper below

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Blue background

Pink toned background