Around here we are pretty serious about paper. It's no secret of mine that I am a stationery hoarder.  I'm always on the look out for new notebooks, notepads, thank you cards. the whole lot. One thing I'm trying to stick to this year is keeping myself more organised. Im starting  a new series on the blog called "the graduate life" and having so many thoughts on my mind and juggling work alongside my freelance life, its always handy to have a notepad close by to jot down all my ideas quickly before I forget them. 

Although there are a million and one notepad designs out there, I wanted something special that had a little touch of me. Summer is on the way and I'm currently having a weird obsession with botanical leaves. There's just something about them that are so aesthetically pleasing.

The great news is all you need is a sheet of thick card, printed notepad, PVA glue, bulldog clips & scissors. 




Simply start off by printing out my notepad designs and cut along the dotted lines. Use a bulldog clip to help keep all paper together. Cut off excess by using either scissors or a craft knife. Top Tip: Use a nail file to help achieve smooth clean edges. 

Step 2.

Grab a thicker piece of card and cut to the size of your notepad In this case the notepad is at the size of 12.5cm x 20cm. Add to the back of your pad and again ensure that everything is lined up and clipped securley 



Paint a coat of PVA glue along the edge of the notepad, making sure to cover the entire surface. Allow to dry and apply 1-2 more coats. The PVA will help achieve the typical "tear off" pages of a notepad. 


Leave to dry and hey presto! you have your own notepad thats ready for all your creative ideas! I'm obsessed with mine and you'll probably be seeing them pop up on my Instagram feed. Which design is your favourite? I would love to know. Don't forget to hashtag #ambinteriors on Instagram and let me see how you've been using your notepads. 


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