I use my Instagram to share with you all my love for flatlays, some behind the scene of my work and my travel adventures. I tend to get a lot of questions in my DM which always end up to be the same questions asked so here are your questions answered. 


q:What camera do you use for shooting your flatlays?

A: This is probably the most asked question I get in my DM. In all honestly I don't use anything fancy. Im a very minimal kind of girl that enjoys the simple things in life and thats exactly how I take my images. Currently I'm using iPhone 7 but sometimes when I'm in the mood for anything fancy I use my Canon EOS 1100D. My older photos have been shot with either my iPhone 5 & 6. 


Q: How do you always get your photos to be so bright?

A: Again I don't use anything fancy. I don't own any technical lights nor do I see myself investing into them. I use natural light for all the photos I take and just adjust them using either photoshop (such as curves, levels, brightness etc) or just adjust them in the "Snapseed" App. I have written a blog post about this and shall link it right here


Q: What programmes do you use to draw your illustrations? 

A: During my university years I invested in a Wacom tablet and this has honestly changed the way I design. Although I do at times tend to use paper and pencil to sketch my outline and scan that into photoshop, but about 95% I will use my tablet to draw up my designs in Photoshop. 


Q: What brushes do you use for your illustrations?

A: I spend a lot of my time on youtube always trying to learn different techniques for drawing digitally. I couldn't find the brushes that I liked so I ended up making my own custom brushes. There are plenty of videos online that show this.