As well as creating content for my personal blog, I am also a interior design graduate from London Metropolitan University and freelance digital artist. 

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Identity and labels for Consirege Air Bnb toiletries. 


(v.)  to do something with soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself into your work. 

Personal project (2017)

Illustration of Audrey Hepburn


Chien des ville

London, Belgravia. University project (2016)

The Air agents (2017)

"Bienvenue" concept packaging for Air Bnb. Guests to receive "The Welcome Box" during their stay. 


Final project - 3rd year (2016)


Personal Project (2017)

warrior within us

(Personal project 2017)

I decided to call this illustration Aiyanna. The meaning of the name is Eternal Bloom. Although we face obstacles throughout our life, it is the warrior within us that helps us exceed our true potential.