Minories Car Park, London

The brief was to follow an ideology of experimental projects that tackle the challenges and issues of our time and that crosses disciplines. We were asked to pick an issue of our choice that would identify an issue in the area chosen and develop a design that would be meaningful to both the general public and the creative world. 

After looking into the issues that were in the City of London, the lack of an eco-friendly environment was the issue that interested me most. Although there is development in sustainability in commercial design, there is a lack of this matter in domestic design and housing provides very little sustainable use. 

The concept of the micro homes is to provide temporary student accommodation that can be installed easily and is also sustainable and biodegradable. The self build home also encourages new opportunities for communities through the London ‘Build your own home’ programme. As this was an open brief, there was flexibility in the choice of what social/environmental issue to work with for the project. 

My idea was to use the existing structure of the Minories Car Park and develop an instillation that can be put together and dismantled easily. As the original structure of the car park enables and allows flexibility, the eco-friendly homes will be slot in between the columns of the site. The concept of the micro homes was based around the idea of a Lego. The homes will be built by 'clipping' the parts together using sustainable and biodegradable materials and later the homes can be moved to another location or recycled once they are no longer needed or used.